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About Us

At New Chelsea Society we have been providing affordable housing with heart in the Lower Mainland since 1952.


A home for everyone in a compassionate community


Building on our heritage of supporting veterans, New Chelsea Society provides safe, secure, and affordable homes, together with supports for our residents to help them live their fullest lives in our community.

We do this through:

  • Providing homes for all people who are struggling to find appropriate affordable homes.
  • Understanding, facilitating, and connecting residents with support agencies, while also developing programs to support successful tenancies.
  • Developing community building initiatives and activities that provide residents with rich opportunities for involvement in their communities.

We are an organization that prioritizes a people first approach to build a caring and inclusive community.

Compassion & respect

  • We are kind, open and accessible to all in our community. We welcome and accept differences and approach our work with a smile and a good heart to build safe and inclusive spaces.

Empowering people

  • While recognizing boundaries and the need for self-care, we strive to provide the tools, resources and knowledge to support people within our community to authentically live their fullest lives. We encourage empathy and compassion to build a broader perspective and to help guide our actions. 

Working together

  • With integrity and courage, we promote an atmosphere for clear and transparent communication, building collaborative and supportive relationships based on mutual trust and value. We are a professional and dedicated team that works in collective cooperation for the benefit of all our communities.

Doing the right thing

  • We are committed to meeting the needs of our community, generously recognizing successes and achievements to encourage continuous improvement for our people & the New Chelsea Society. We aim to make fair, consistent, and informed decisions in the best interests of everyone.

Making a difference

  • We take ownership of our role in progressively building a better world. We are open minded and open to change, doing our best through a caring approach to getting things done in service to others.


Our history

When New Chelsea Society was founded by branches of the Royal Canadian Legion in the Vancouver area, the original intent was to provide affordable housing to veterans. As the communities we operate in have evolved, we’ve evolved with them to broaden our mandate to include seniors, people with disabilities, and families. Our 20 affordable housing properties offer residents a range of housing options to fit their needs. Additionally, we have temporary housing available at Winch House for members of the Royal Canadian Legion and the Army, Navy, Air Force Veterans in Canada, and emergency first responders who have been injured and need a welcoming place to heal.

No matter who we work with, our primary goal is to provide them with safe, clean, affordable housing at reasonable rates. To us, housing with heart means being more than just a non-profit housing society or a landlord. It means caring about everyone that lives in a New Chelsea Society residence. Integrity, dignity, and compassion are guiding values that help us deliver on this promise to every resident.

As we imagine a future for our region where everyone has access to affordable housing, we will continue to exercise leadership to create community and increase the number of affordable housing options available. And most importantly, we will provide people with a place to call home.

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